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Welcome to my portfolio

I am Alana, holistic product designer. I work in the digital domains including  concept design, service design, product development,  user experience design and user interface design.

I’m driven to create desirable and delightful digital services that are functional to use, yet also feasible and viable to create.

I Have over than 12 year of experience as a design consultant, 15 in field. I’ve worked for most industries from banking to insurance, retail, gaming and media. I’m especially drawn to consumer products design and tools for everyday use.

I aim to follow double diamond design principles and design thinking. Agile and lean UX are familiar frameworks to work in.

Updated 9/2023

Ways of working

I'm industrial designer, which is an academic and holistic product design education.

Industrial design consists of design thinking, design management, product design processes, psychology and ergonomics. It also caters areas such as accessibility heuristics, graphic design, marketing and engineering.

My career interests are in designing beautiful and desirable, yet accessible and feasible consumer product design.

Nevertheless, I keep in mind the broader, holistic picture where I'm working in - the business mindset, the underlying undressed needs, the context of resources and tools.



Concept design  ● Product development ● Design management ● Service design  ●   UI/UX design